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We are an online motoring media publication covering new automobile releases, motor sport events and industry news. We attend the latest car launches and produce informative, passionate articles to give you a real feel for what you can expect from a new car. We are also based on YouTube and produce video reviews to supplement the written articles to cater for a larger audience. With today’s world moving over to digital, we are on all major social media platforms and provide news and updates to the audience about the automotive industry and sport.

Meet the Editor:

Sebastiaan Thoolen – picture by: FrankysFunkyFotos

My name is Sebastiaan Johannes Thoolen.

I am a true car enthusiast, petrol head, race car driver and am very passionate about motoring. A motoring journalist since November 2016 (SAGMJ member since 05/2017), currently a Mechanical Engineer by profession.
I studied Mechanical engineering and have always wanted to design F1 engines and drive the most exotic cars.  I currently work for an Engineering Consulting firm based in Cape Town.

As dreams go, mine is still a work in progress, but I think the path you take to get to your destination can be more exciting than the destination in the end, especially when you’re driving that road in a ride of your dreams and there are lots of bends and corners to tackle head on. Hoping to use my knowledge and experience to work in the field of motor car engineering and design, perhaps even as a test driver.

Born in Johannesburg in 1990, but raised in Cape Town since the age of 5. Lived in town, the northern suburbs and currently residing in the Southern Suburbs.

From Dutch descent on my father’s side, in the possession of a Dutch passport and have family in Holland.

I spend a lot of time in the car, doing close to 30 000km/year. It’s important to drive a comfortable car that gives you pleasure.

First car owned 2008-2010: 2006 MK1 Volkswagen Velocity 1.6i