Cars & Coffee South Africa breakfast run September 2017

Everyone dreams of owning or driving a Supercar, but not everyone gets to experience exotic cars up close and personal in the flesh. That was until Cars & Coffee came along…

Cars and Coffee, which started a decade ago in 2007, has since become a global phenomenon with an elite community of Supercar owners in over 32 countries. Owners of Supercars, Sports & Gran Tourers as well as classic cars gather for regular meet and greats at private invitation only events to share their passion and love for Automobiles with like-minded folk. Occasionally these events invite the public to come to exhibits to experience the excitement before heading out on a breakfast run to special locations through a scenic drive. Occasional track days or drag events are also hosted at local airfields or racetracks, which offer owners a chance to show off some of their horsepower in controlled environments.

It’s the kind of event you want to find yourself at, whenever the opportunity presents itself, as it’s a one of a kind experience! You’ll get to see some very rare breads, like this Lamborghini Aventador Supervelocé with an Armytrix exhaust that makes one hell of a sound, which will get your adrenalin flowing. Watch as the crowds all whip out their phones to get pictures and videos to capture this rare moment and be able to replay it over and over. It’s quite incredible how excited a crowd of people get when hearing and seeing a car with a 6.5l V12 producing over 750HP (552Kw) as standard.

This is what makes these events so unique, seeing over 100 special cars in one place at the same time. This past event there were 120 Supercars registered for the event, but 141 cars rocked up to join the run. It was such a rush. With the assistance from the local traffic police blocking off the roads, the convoy was safely escorted out-of-town and onto the open freeway. The ground rumbled and the air shattered by the sounds of thousands of horsepower all being revved up simultaneously.

On the freeway the cars were free to cut through the air with their aerodynamically styled bodies and the roads were overrun by over 100 Supercars, making other pedestrian cars envious for a taste of the experience.

The event, in partnership with Last Lion Lifestyle was proudly hosted and sponsored by Audi Centre Cape Town, situated in the Waterfront. Michelin and Glow TV were also sponsoring partners and featured the event on TV. The events have been gaining in popularity and every event is bigger and better than the last, making each one a unique experience.

Special thanks to Audi for hosting the event, can’t wait for the next one…

Watch the video here:

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