Press release by: Haval Motors SA

To say that Haval is “massive” in its Chinese home market is an understatement. Rather like saying that Usain Bolt is a “fairly brisk” runner.

After all, it sells over a million SUVs per annum in China. A million!

And now Haval’s fast gaining global applause – including here in South Africa where it has just garnered the “Company to Watch” award from CAR magazine.

This was part of the “Special Awards” accorded by this prestigious motoring publication in its “Top 12 Best Buys of 2018” awards.

“This brand made an impressive splash in the SA market last year,” noted CAR magazine.

“Haval might be new here, but the premium sub-brand of Great Wall Motors (GWM) has been a heavy hitter in its domestic market of China, selling more SUVs than any other brand, and it’s making no secret of its global ambitions.”


Added CAR magazine: “We tested two vehicles in its model line-up – the H2 and the H6 C – and walked away genuinely impressed by the marked leap in design, sophistication and build quality offered by both.

“Over the past two decades, the motoring world has doffed its cap to the Koreans for the improvements their cars have offered in successive generations, but even that march to premium competitiveness pales in comparison to the progress Haval has made.”

And let it be said that CAR magazine is not alone in showering the brand with applause here in South Africa, with several other motoring publications as well as the buying public being mightily impressed with this Chinese giant’s offerings. Offerings that comprehensively and convincingly rewrite everything anyone might have thought about Chinese vehicles, from ride to refinement to safety to, well, sexiness.

More than that, Haval is stamping its mark on the local market – among other markets.

Here in SA it already boasts 23 accredited dealerships, with this number expected to jump to 35 by the end of 2018, while later this year we can also expect the much-awaited Haval H9.

And to give you an idea of the league Haval plays in on the global stage, it recently made history by achieving a placing in the renowned Brand Finance Global 500 2018 survey. More specifically, Haval debuted at number 249 on this list, whose top three 2018 companies include the likes of Amazon, Apple, and Google.

Says Tyrone Alberts, Haval’s National Sales Manager:

“The stunning success that Haval has achieved globally has rapidly spilled over into the South African Market. Haval Motors South Africa will be celebrating its one year anniversary on the 31st May 2018, and in a fairly short space of time has grabbed the attention of the South African media and consumer in an extremely positive way.

“In fact, it’s no hyperbole to say that the reception Haval has received borders on rapturous.”

Adds Tyrone, himself a seasoned veteran of the SA motor industry: ” We know that this is just the beginning, and want to assure our valued customers that we are here to stay, even in a time when certain other motor manufacturers have left our shores.

“So we at Haval would like to extend a huge `thank you’ to everyone from the motoring media – including, of course, CAR magazine! –  to our wonderful customers for their continued support over the past eight months. And we at Haval look forward to continue to grow from strength to strength, becoming a household name on the SA market just as we are in China.”