Jaguar F-Type S Test Drive

Performance, class and style come standard with this premium sports car.

In the past Jaguar have been known to make luxury saloons and sports cars, the type that only a select few were able to afford, with the likes of the British Royal families. Jaguar also have a history of racing pedigree and have competed over the last 60 years. Jaguar have recently produced the beautiful new F-Type as of last year, which I had the pleasure to test drive in December 2016.


Getting to see the ins and out of this F-Type, you really get the feeling you are driving a luxury sports car. Always in comfort, yet with enough power to satisfy you. The sound the engine makes is comparable to that of a wild lion’s roar and will definitely turn heads as you drive past. You also have the option to press a button to tame the Lion in your exhaust thanks to the active sports exhaust and enjoy a quiet ride while driving in comfort mode. Switching to the Dynamic mode unleashes the lion inside your engine and sharpens throttle response, increases to higher rev gear changes and prevents upshifts when driving in manual mode by use of the gear shifter handle or the steering wheel paddles. The Dynamic mode in the F-Type S makes use of the 3.0 L V6 supercharged petrol engine to produce 280kW of power and 460 Nm of torque, she’ll get from 0-100 km/h in just 4.9 seconds reaching a top speed of 275 km/h which beats the German rivals governed at 250km/h. It manages to combine its average fuel consumption down to a mere 8.6 L/ 100km which is impressive for a car of this calibre. The CO2 emissions are also quite low at only 203 g/km which are compliant with Europe’s strict policies.



The drive you get out of the F-Type S is one that makes you feel comfortable enough to drive around town every day and go into the office, while still enjoying the drive in traffic thanks to the in house infotainment system on the 8 inch colour touchscreen display with navigation, bluetooth phone connectivity with integrated text-to-voice and including a beautiful climate control system to keep you cool and arriving at your destination feeling refreshed. You are also able to hit the open road and open the throttle when there’s no traffic around to really enjoy your drive at the press of the accelerator. This makes the car really convenient and enjoyable as a daily driver, there’s even room in the boot for your golf clubs and an optional extra powered tailgate that can be opened or closed at the touch of a button when your hands are full.


You’ll also me amazed at the amount of smart driver technology Jaguar have put into the car, like the advanced aerodynamics with deployable rear spoiler with low drag and high stability to keep the lift at low levels and keep you secure at high speeds. The F-Type makes use of lightweight aluminium body, with a string, stiff structure, which provides agile handling. The suspension has adaptive damping control, which uses sensors around the car monitoring the body’s vertical movement, pitch and roll rates, steering position to predict the car’s movements and adjust the settings for each damper independently according to the driver’s demands. Jaguar have a forged aluminium double wishbone design on their suspension, which offers precise handling and control in the corners, allowing you to push the cars limits to the max. Their smart torque vectoring system controls the inside wheels in a turn to provide braking to keep the understeer reduced and sharpen the turning line giving you better road holding and driver confidence. You’ll also feel safe at all times with the F-Type’s stability control, which makes use of the electronic active differential, optimum weight distribution, traction control and ABS to provide power to the rear wheels at all time. The Jaguar High performance braking system also comes standard in the F-Type S or you can upgrade to the optional super performance red brake calipers or even the carbon ceramic yellow brake calipers system.


All in all the Jaguar F-Type S is a thrilling car to drive and not just something for old retired men to drive, this is an affordable luxury sports car starting at just over R1 mil.

I was definitely blown away by this car and look forward to driving the V8 versions.

Book your test drive today to get the feeling behind this majestic beauty and perhaps you too will fall in love.


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