Press release by: Haval Motors SA

We live in one of the most beautiful countries on earth. If not the most beautiful. And that’s a fact.

Speaking of beautiful, Haval’s products have been garnering acclaim and sales for, well, their sleek styling – not to mention everything from brilliant build quality to performance to refinement, and magic-carpet-like ride. All of which have gone a long way to helping Haval sell over a million units a year in its home market of China. That’s right. A million.

Here in Mzansi, Haval might be a new brand, but already it has stirred the waters, and besides earning glowing reviews from the media, buyers have been flocking to the rapidly expanding network of Haval dealerships. All of which have helped make it one of the fastest-growing automotive brands in South Africa.

So what better way to celebrate the joys of Haval ownership than by taking almost a dozen customers and their SUVs, along with their families, to the Drakensberg (arguably the loveliest part of our lovely country) for the weekend?

That’s precisely what Haval South Africa recently did with eight H6C customers plus a brace of H2 owners joining the company’s representatives at Alpine Heath Resort in the KZN Drakensberg. A resort that boasts not just awe-inspiring, majestic views, but has over the years raked in rave reviews – rather like Haval’s products have done here in SA since its launch last year.

Now the drive to the Drakensberg was a memorable road trip in itself, with the convoy journeying through to Harrismith for a delicious, gobble-‘n-go lunch before stopping off at the glorious Sterkfontein Dam viewpoint. Excellent video and photograph opportunities abound here. And, of course, these were taken advantage of. After all, what’s the point of an awesome road trip if it’s not properly documented?

Alpine Heath itself exceeded even the most optimistic expectations with not just the Haval owners being impressed, but also the media personalities, social media bloggers, and company representatives who were along for the trip.

The weekend atmosphere was overwhelmingly relaxed and convivial, with highly positive feedback coming from these SUV’s proud owners as the group chatted during the course of the weekend, which naturally included a top-notch braai.

Indeed, all proved impressed with the product, and its unbeatable prices, as well as the outstanding dealer service – and the fact that virtually all Havals come standard with levels of equipment that until very recently would only have been found on upper-echelon luxury sedans.

Above all, the sheer loyalty that this product has engendered among owners was apparent.

In fact, in what’s a love story worthy of the silver screen, one husband treated his wife to a Haval H2 for their wedding anniversary – and ended up so impressed with it that he treated himself to an H6C, too!

Speaking of the H6C, a safety presentation on this vehicle was held on the Saturday afternoon. And safe it is what with a five-star C NCAP rating, and the likes of ABS, EBD, and brake assist, stability control, plus six airbags standard across the range.

Little wonder then that the highly respected website noted – among other good things – that the H6C “offers tremendous spec and safety levels.”

And little wonder that at the end of the weekend the group was left eagerly awaiting the next trip away, with many of them planning on adding yet another Haval to the one their family already owns.

But then the Haval Owners’ Club is a fast-growing group, and with this sort of buyer loyalty the brand seems set to become a formidable fixture on the SA automotive landscape for a very long time indeed…